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Do you know how to breed the new dragonvale plasma dragon? Most probably you don’t and it is forDragonvale plasma dragon that reason that you are here. Well, even before we take you into the details of how to breed the dragonvale plasma dragon, we want to telling you some special facts about the plasma dragon:

  • About Dragonvale Plasma Dragon

Not much is known yet about the new plasma dragon. However, we do know that the dragonvale plasma dragon joins the limited list of dragons who are blue in color. The plasma dragon may be mistaken for the lightning dragon due to its shape. however, it is not in any way related to the dragonvale lightning dragon.

  • Dragonvale Plasma Dragon Elements

The dragonvale plasma dragon has opposite elements of lightning and water and therefore is difficult to breed with pure lightning combinations or pure water combinations.

  • How to Breed Dragonvale Plasma Dragon

Breeding the plasma dragon is not a hard task and needs your plasma breeding combinations to be placed on either a normal breeding cave or an epic dragonvale breeding cave. The incubation period for dragonvale plasma dragon is 16 hours while the dragonvale plasma dragon buying price is 40 dragonvale gems. The dragonvale plasma dragon is available at level 14 while the plasma dragon habitat can either be water or lightning.

Some of the best breeding combinations for the dragonvale plasma Dragon are:

- Dragonvale Lightning Dragon and Dragonvale Seaweed Dragon

- Dragonvale Lightning Dragon and Dragonvale Swamp Dragon

- Dragonvale Storm Dragon and Dragonvale Water Dragon

- Dragon Lightning Dragon and Dragonvale Rust Dragon

The dragonvale Plasma Dragon egg is yellow in color with blue wavy lines running across its surface. Should you buy the plasma dragon and you want to sell it, the selling price for dragonvale plasma dragon is 100,000 dragonvale coins.

Is there more to be said about the dragonvale plasma dragon? If there is something we have left out in regard to breeding the plasma dragon in dragonvale or there are difficulties that you are experiencing, kindly post your views here so that the rest of the dragonvale fans may either assist you or get that extra information that you have. Also, remember to check back for more updates on this mobile game.


  1. Sarah says:

    Breeding for me seems to be difficult!!
    Will update as I progress, so far;
    lightning (lvl 9) with seaweed (lvl8) = fail x2 tries both norm & epic breeding
    Lightning (lvl9) with rust (lvl8) = fail x2 tries both norm & epic breeding
    Lightning (lvl 9) with swamp (lvl8) = fail x1 epic
    Storm (lvl10) with water (lvl9) = fail x1 norm
    Wish me luck!

  2. Joanna says:

    I got plasma with lightning(lvl10) and seaweed(lvl11)

  3. Derek says:

    Add me at dcabral19 send me a gem and I’ll sen one back!

  4. Tim says:

    1st try! Lightning Lv11 and Seawed Lv 11 in regular breeding cave. Good luck!

  5. Sarah says:

    so far;
    lightning (lvl 9) with seaweed (lvl8) = fail x2 tries both norm & epic breeding
    Lightning (lvl9) with rust (lvl8) = fail x2 tries both norm & epic breeding
    Lightning (lvl 9) with swamp (lvl8) = fail x1 epic
    Storm (lvl10) with water (lvl9) = fail x1 norm
    Lightning (lvl10) with seaweed (lvl10) =fail x1 epic breedingĀ 
    Seaweed (lvl10) with cactus (lvl10) = fail x1 normĀ 

  6. Krissannrlz11 says:

    Hi I’m new to this, can you tell me how to add people to my friends list without using Facebook?

    • you go to game center and then go to the friends section, you type in the name your friends game center account and then it should send them a friend request, and then if he/she plays dragonvale you will have them on your friends list, try it with me, my game center account is called: ~supersaiyan~
      good luck:)

  7. Currrly says:

    Need to swap gems. Wasting 5 a day.

  8. Pixle Lily says:

    You go to game center. At the bottom click the friends button. Click the add friends button. Put their game id in and send.

    My game id is Pixle Lily

  9. Sarah says:

    Still no luck am working towards getting the level 11′s with the shrines.
    Though I don’t have a lightning shrine… When are you suppost to be able to get one? I’m level 19
    Cheers x

    • Jenn says:

      You have to raise 50 dragons of that shrines type for the shrine to activate. For example if you want to have a level 15 lightening you would have to buy the lightening shrine, and raise 50 lightening dragons to level 10 before you could raise any to level 15.

    • Dinirella says:

      I got mine at level 20 (I think). Game centre name Dinirella

  10. vrogers316 says:

    To get a lightning shrine, go to Market/Buildings and purchase for 5,000,000

  11. James says:

    3 failed attempts at lightning and seaweed so far.

  12. JP says:

    How to do dragon level 11?because all my dragons just level 10.

  13. Steve says:

    Lightning (lvl 10) and seaweed (lvl 10) second try = plasma

  14. RabbitAqui says:

    I tryed the Seaweed & Lighting dragon both at level 10! But ended up w/ a 30 minute dragon! So, I used my stored gems to get my dragon!

  15. His says:

    I’ve tried a whole bunch! I REALLY NEED THE BUTTERFLY DRAGON! IT’S SO HARD TO GET! SAME WITH THE PLASMA! Better save up gems because it’s only 40! THE PLASMA IS CHEAP! Buy it!

  16. kimx says:

    you can add people with gamecenter

  17. Got it first try with storm and water.

  18. Derp says:

    I’m trying magnetic (15) with water (14) and have had no luck so far, I guess I’ll just try rust and lightning soon as I only need metal shrine :)

  19. Sal says:

    What if you raise 50 lightning dragons and their hybrids? Will the shrine still count?

  20. Meg says:

    Have been trying to breed moon & rainbow…forever w/o success. New dragons came out so bred butterfly, (then bred a 2nd one (air + firefly in epic)) then was going to try for plasma w in reg cave w storm & water and came up w a 48 hr breeding time….Any ideas????

  21. This is sooo strange… I used a water dragon and a lightning hybrid, and the incubation time was 16 hours. I was finally relieved that I was getting the Plasma dragon, but when it was finally ready to hatch, it showed a new dragon called the Current Dragon… it looks just like the water dragon except it’s all yellow like the lightning dragon (it’s like the reverse of this Plasma dragon, where it looks like the lightning dragon but it’s blue).
    NO JOKE! My GameCenter name is Artistic Dezzy.

  22. Bryce says:

    I cannot get plasma I have tried every combination on the island and the breeding cave…any advise on what I should try breeding??

  23. Fairlynewgirl says:

    Storm and water. Both level 10. 5th try

  24. Somerandomguyudontknow says:

    Got butterfly with fog and firefly…. So I might even get a plasma cos lightning and water while u would get butterfly with the firefly and air :D . It’s called improvising lmao

  25. Tried both combos used 50+ gems and wasted three days still no plasma it was easier to get a rainbow

  26. Jeffy says:

    Water & storm in that order 1st try and is 16hrs Inc so hoping plasma!!!

  27. Mgalekegolo says:

    Trying for plasma and having a rough time :/, just got gem tree today, add me for gem-gem at Mgalekegolo. :)

  28. Jesy says:

    Hey, I’m trying now for plasma with Lighting(9) and Seaweed (9) wish me luck! Oh and if anyone wants to add mee it’s Jesyy<3 lol I give gems daily. :3

  29. Kate says:

    Firefly (15) and water (14) got me 16hours incubation time the first try, but don’t know yet which one it is.

  30. i keep hearing people are getting current instead of plasma, why doesn’t current show in the place where you purchase eggs?

  31. bob says:

    Can’t get plasma. Anyone plz help me. D:

  32. yall weak!!

    lightning & swamp/seaweed dont work.
    tried probably 15 times.
    dragonvale be on that lucky try crap instead of actual strategic breeding.
    & half of yall bought gems or bought dragons like weak people.
    IM A REAL BREEDER!! never paid 4 no in-app purchases, never!
    so my hypothesis about this is that they dont wanna give it 2 a real ninja like me! they hatin!

  33. Alli *86 says:

    Looking for gem for gem friends, wasting 4 gems daily :( Alli *86

  34. Vinnieelgato says:

    This plasma is super hard for me. I have been trying nonstop for weeks, no luck.

  35. Hi says:

    Got 16 hr w/ (10)lightning and (12)swamp … Hoping?

  36. xav0 says:

    I somehow recorded the wrong Left/Right combination for breeding this dragon, and I have tried Seaweed(R[wrong!!])+Lightning(L[wrong!!]) for at least 12 failures to breed a Plasma dragon.

    Re-checking this webpage, I find that it should be Lightning(R)+Seaweed(L).
    Hopefully I will find a successfully bred Plasma dragon soon…

  37. xabiabris says:

    Add me to game center, name “xabiabris”!

  38. emoGinge says:

    Add me and if you send me gems, I’ll send them back! :)

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