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Just exactly how do you breed the dragonvale steel dragon? There are several combinations that willdragonvale steel dragon assist you in breeding the dragonvale steel dragon. However, patience will be needed for successful breeding of the dragonvale steel dragon as it may take several tries to successfully get a steel dragon.

  • Dragonvale Steel Dragon Egg

As shown in the photo, the steel dragon egg is dark purple in color with white snow flakes on its surface.

  • Best steel dragon breeding Combinations

There may be many combinations used to breed the dragonvale steel dragon. However, the best breeding combination for dragonvale steel dragon are as follows:

- On the left, place the dragonvale metal dragon while on the right place the dragonvale cold dragon

- On the left, place the dragonvale mine dragon while on the right place the dragonvale fire dragon on the normal breeding cave

- On the left, place the dragonvale Chrome dragon while on the right place the dragonvale Ice dragon

- On the left, place the dragonvale metal dragon while on the right place the dragonvale bloom dragon

The best place you will get your dragonvale steel dragon is in the normal breeding cave. As such, try and breed your steel dragons from there. Also, remember that:

  • The incubation period for dragonvale steel dragon is 14 hours.
  • The dragonvale steel dragon is sold for 750 gems while the selling price is 1.5 million dragonvale coins.
  • The positives are metal and cold while the negatives for the steel dragon are plant and fire.
  • The dragonvale steel dragon is available only as from level 19 of the game play.

Is there anything more you know about how to breed the steel dragon that we have not talked about? Are there some good breeding combinations for the steel dragon that we have missed? If there are, then, please post them here so that they can be tried out by the rest of the dragonvale fans! Also, remember to come back for more updates on the dragonvale mobile game.


  1. Gino says:

    It’s not a secret dragon.

  2. Jan says:

    Steel Dagon incubating 1st try……..Metal(L) & Bloom (R) using standard breeding cave…..good luck!

  3. Zybekk says:

    Same thing, metal >>> bloom > epic breeding cave first try ;)
    Add me on game center Id zybekk I have gem tree and no friends ;p

  4. Sami says:

    First try…..Metal(L) and Cold(R). Good luck to you all!

  5. Zenonia says:

    Hey i got the steel dragon.
    I was BREEDING metal on the left and cold om the right.
    It didn’t work at 1st try, but on 2st try it work.

  6. Mine left and fire right both have to be level ten at the breeding cave

  7. Barb says:

    First try, metal and cold 14 hours! Now if I could get the sandstorm dragon, been trying every day for the last 2 weeks. No luck

    • Jan says:

      Not sure which pairs u hv tried but I had success with love & cold then again with air and moss hope this helps.

    • Jan says:

      Hv u tried love & cold or air & moss for sandstorm I had success after trying loads of other diff combos….good luck :)

    • A@r0n says:

      That sucks
      you have to get a sandstorm dragon
      Got my sandstorm by breeding Mountain on the left
      and Snow on the right. Got super lucky
      it is only 1/99
      of getting that

  8. Tips: The best way is to breed mud dragon, because fog dragon produce 8gold per minute at level 1 if you mess up. Air dragon and quake dragon has the best chance, for some reason, though.

  9. Raven says:

    Mine and cold 14 hrs first try

  10. Jrabbit022=D says:

    There’s a new dragon the Sakura dragon add me!!!!! (=

  11. Ricsi9 says:

    Do you heard about the new dragon Sakura or cherry blooms dragon? What is the best combination to get one ? :)

  12. Jan says:

    It has earth, plant and fire elements. I used flower & tree in EBI …good luck

  13. Fish says:

    How do u get the Sakura dragon?! Which combinations should I try?

  14. A says:

    Dodo dragon and steel dragon

  15. Hello says:

    You don’t have to be level 19 . I got one accidentally with
    Storm and Metal

  16. Another possiblility is cold and mine. I put those into the normal breeding cave. I haven’t seen the final result yet, but it says the incubation period is 14 hours. It is cold and metal just like the mine dragon, but the cold is listed as it’s dominate element. So put in twice the amount of cold as you do metal, yes? Makes sense anyway.

  17. guest 13 says:

    I got two within the first day of trying using the different metal combos: mine and chrome and iron and chrome.

  18. Anthony says:

    April 24, 2012 at 10:36 pm
    If I get 15 gems a day I can get an epic breeding soon so add me

  19. Gragondude says:

    Metal and bloom… Got 48 hours…no clue yet what is it

  20. Bennythehead24 says:

    Add me I know lots of combo nations for breeding

  21. Bennythehead24 says:

    Add me I know lots of combo nations for breeding and I send Jews to every one who sends me one

  22. Blac-Angel says:

    LoL ima so happy I accidentally got a Sun Dragon,
    Da problem iz… I can’t remember how I got it :/
    I got a Bloom Dragon, Clover Dragon, Moon Dragon, Sun Dragon, Sukaru Dragon and heaps more like da Sandstorm, by luck :D

  23. Blac-angel says:

    LoL, i know right? It got me thinkin ;)

  24. Blunted1 says:

    So what’s next? I have all the dragons. Just waiting on another 40 mil. to buy last island. I WANT MORE DRAGONS!!!!!

  25. Lynndo52272 says:

    Maybe I just got lucky but the metal and mountain combo worked for me to get the steel dragon. 1 st try.

  26. antoine says:

    I have all dragon except the rainbow can you help me (sorry for my english)

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