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How do you get the kairos dragonvale dragon? Dragonvale is becomming exciting again with new updates that dragonvale kairos dragonhave been added into the game today. Among the new updates is the dragonvale kairos dragon. Other updates that have been added into the dragonvale game play include:

  • The dragonvale maximum level has been increased from 35.

With these updates dragonvale is becoming an exciting game once more. What more, the Kairos dragonvale dragon is also a special dragon. Here is all you need to know about the dragonvale kairos dragon:

About Dragonvale Kairos Dragon

  • The kairos dragon is known as the legendary dragon of time and according to the game descriptions, the kairos dragonvale draogon has the ability to predict the future through the use of special magic which enables it to travell ahead of time.
  • The kairos dragon is available as from the sixteenth level of game play. This dragon cannot be bought or sold and therefore has no buying price and selling price.
  • The habitat for this dragon is the perch of kairos.

How To Get The Dragonvale Kairos Dragon

As you may already be aware, the Kairos dragon cannot be bred. As such, it has no incubation period, no breeding time. The only way you are ever going to get the Kairos dragon is through summoning your kairos dragon. How do you achieve this?

  • You will need to have three artifacts. How do you get the artifacts? You do so by building each artifact using a collection of 21 fragments.
  • These 21 fragments are either won through the dragon track or bought using dragonvale gems. If you decide to buy the 21 fragments, you would need up to 2,700 dragonvale gems.
  • Once you have built each artifacts, you will have to assemble the three artifacts and in the process, you will be upgrading the perch of kairos.
  • By this process, you will summon the Kairos dragon into your dragonvale game play.

The kairos dragon is a very beautiful dragon and it will be worth it if you have him in your park. If there is something more that we have not mentioned about the Kairos dragon or about getting your dragonvale kairos dragon, you are free to post it here for the rest of the dragonvale fans to know.


  1. President says:

    This is really interesting, cheers.

  2. Kim says:

    Wot a rip off. You can’t get pieces doing the boring racing and who the hell would buy 2700gems

  3. I already know this is gonna be impossible to get.

    • Donut says:

      Actually, it’s been easy for me! I’m already almost finished with the chronolith(or however you spell it) so don’t give up hope! :D

      • GammiePammie says:

        Are the fragments shown on the track spin wheel? I’ve just completed an update, however there is nothing that shows the fragments. I am at a level 24.

        • Yesileyes says:

          You have to go through the Chronolith to race for the pieces.

        • Olivia says:

          I have three more fragments for the perch. After you’ve updated, you need to buy the perch for 750,000 coins. Then you race and you’ll see anywhere from zero to six or seven fragments in the wheel at the end of the race. After you get a decent number of fragments it becomes trickier because if you get the same fragment, you spin again but only get coins, food, or xp.

    • Kathy says:

      I got the Kairos through racing. it wasn’t impossible….just took diligence.

  4. Rocky says:

    Its not too bad, i have 5 of the 21 pieces already

  5. Rocky says:

    Its actually kinda fun

  6. Cj says:

    Ive played the race a few times in one day and already have 3 pieces. It’s not impossible or time consuming. I like the idea.

  7. JosteibXD says:

    What is the point?
    You dont get money of it…

    • Kim says:

      It spends up time – so every four days you can activate the dragon and he will spend up the time of your dragonvale. Which means breeding is sped up, food is grown, colosseum is sped up.

  8. But how do you get fragments. Do you just race a dragon and you get it?

  9. Ameer says:

    This dragon is so hard to get it took me a day just to get the stage complete

  10. Ameer says:

    I will never give up to get the Legendary Dragon. Oh I’m also trying to get the ghost dragon

  11. Amy says:

    This absolutely sucks. Yes I have the first 5 pieces but getting the others is impossible, the stupid bonus spin doesn’t have any pieces. It should also remove the pieces that you have from the wheel and put those that you need in their place. The only way I’m getting this dragon is if its permanent since I will not buy gems and it takes for ever to collect enough from the colosseum to actually buy something.

    • PrinC says:

      I think that you have to get the different pieces on the different wheels. I have 3 gold and a silver so far, from what I could tell the silver ones were different pieces? Not 100% sure only did that wheel once.

      So far of the 12 races I have been in I have hit for a piece 4 times. Seems to go quite easily.

  12. Willy says:

    Meh. I’ve spinned around 100 times, and no pieces.. might as well give up. I was sure I’d get one earlier since there was 4 pieces in a row, but nooope, it kept on spinning way further than usual till it just past the last piece. It’d be fun if it was actually based on luck.

  13. Tamaris says:

    I love this new Dragonvale update!! So much new and fun stuff. I’ve already gotten a few of the pieces and I love that we can go above level 35 because I get a lot of experience when I play the dragon race. I give gem for gem, friend me!

  14. Tamarismc says:

    My Game Center name is Tamarismc. Friend me, gem for gem.

  15. Tamarismc says:

    My last message disappeared afte I tried to correct it with my Game Center name. I like this new update and all of the new stuff. And we can finally move above level 35. I’ve gotten a lot of experience with the dragon race but I’ve also gotten a few of the pieces needed for the dragon. This is cool!! Friend me, gem for gem.

  16. Wb Gal says:

    I already have it, I know a glitch for the wheel, you go six in front of the prize you want, and you get that one

  17. Kim Pruett says:

    I am on level 23 and can’t get past the tutorial in the dragon track what am I doing wrong? Help me please!

  18. Mikkipog says:

    I’m down to my last 4 fragments of kairos’ statue, I’ve been racing for how many days now, but since they seem to be the most expensive pieces, they’re really very hard to win thru spinning the wheel. The 6 tick glitch doesn’t seem to be working for me either. But I’ve come this far, will keep on trying.

  19. Scottswife says:

    @ Kim Pruitt: to get past tutorial you just need to click on the button that says race. The tutorial button doesn’t go away. Hope that helps you out in your quest

  20. Angel Assins says:

    Got him!!!!! :) I got him with a lot of paitence , a lot of racing & it was really worth it. He is Huge, Soooo Kool to look at & speed up time in my park! He is awesome! :)

    • Angel Assins says:

      Oh & I also leveled up with lots of XP (more Habitats :) (Yes!! ), earned Gems, Cash & Food! (Sweet!) :) Good luck everyone, I strongly recommend being patient, & keep trying, he is worth it! :)

  21. Ysiadaisy says:

    Got it!!! It is EPIC!!! All you need is patience, a lot of racing and you don’t have to spend gems! It is so worth it. Beautiful, huge dragon. It will speed almost everything in your islands including breeding cave/island. Good luck to all.

  22. Lilly says:

    I got Kairos! He is so awesome. Worth the wait and the effort.

  23. Having A Blast working towards mine 13 of 21 pieces so far really hope I get it soon! Friend me gem me please gotta great park I need to upgrade

  24. Furiina says:

    It’s not THE Kairos Dragon. His NAME is Kairos. Sometimes I think these blog posts are copy/pasted using a template or something. Ah, well, as long as the tips are right.

    Anyway, this one is definitely challenging, but the challenge is perfectly fitting for a legendary dragon. I almost have the Chronolith finished.

    It feels like it’s a little rigged, though. More often than not, duplicate pieces (or none at all) appear on the wheel. Probably a ploy to get you to spend MORE gems. The process would also be better if they added more dragon tracks- I’m already tired of seeing the same ones over and over.

    There’s no real tips for this dragon, which is the bad thing. The only thing I can say is be patient, and don’t give up. Kind of ironic how the Dragon of Time is probably one of the most time-consuming.

  25. _(RK)_ says:

    Got it!!! Hate that wheel from now on… But I did it

    Need 1 daily gem friend, add! :)

  26. tom says:

    Is the six up or down glitch for the wheel still working?

  27. Lala says:

    Not impressed this this update. Very sick of seeing ‘you already have this fragment’. Why is a fragment I already have available? Very annoying!

  28. Jahya l'as says:

    Come to see Kairos in my parc. He is wonderfull
    Add me : Jahya l’as

  29. Silver wolf says:

    I GOT HIM!!!! I GOT HIM!!!! Come see my kairos dragon in my park. My Game Center name is [#]Jilly[#].

  30. Sandy says:

    Finally, I got him!!!

  31. Kathy says:

    Everyone is complaining and saying how hard or impossible it will be to get Kairos. It took me probably two weeks or so. I raced and raced and raced. I have so much treats and I leveled up probably two levels. But it was fun and I got Kairos. And it was worth it. Right before I summon him, I collect all my coins from every habitat, plant 6 hour treats, then summon him. Everything is full again and I have all the farmload of treats to collect again. It is so cool and I don’t know why you would want it to be easy–it would be take away the challenge.

  32. Dragonbuddy3 says:

    Is a cold dragon hot or cold??? :)

  33. Dragonbuddy3 says:

    Is a cold dragon hot or cold?

    P.s. my game center name is dragonbuddy3

  34. Tjc says:

    Got kairos! It is huge! Not sure what his call option does, looks like you can speed up time every four days. It advanced the egg in incubation by 6 hours.

  35. FIX THE RACES ALREADY… keeps turning whole game off. What the heck??!!!!???

  36. Katherine says:

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