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How to Make Dragons in DragonvaleHave you just started playing Dragonvale? Then you probably don’t have a clue on how to make dragons in Dragonvale. In this post we’ll teach you the main point in this dragon-raising game—breeding dragons. Soon, you will be able to have a nature park full of fun and adorable dragons.

Initially, what you do is to purchase the basic dragons in Dragonvale. The following are the basic dragons:

  • Plant Dragon
  • Earth Dragon
  • Fire Dragon
  • Cold Dragon
  • Lightning Dragon
  • Water Dragon
  • Air Dragon
  • Metal Dragon

Once you have these basic dragons, you can now start breeding hybrid dragons. With hybrids, you can eventually breed the epic dragons, gemstone dragons and the limited edition dragons. But before you can start, you need to purchase a Breeding Cave. For beginners, just purchase the Breeding Cave. It costs 3,000 Dragonvale Cash. Once you get more money, upgrade your Breeding Cave until you get the Epic Breeding Sanctuary. The upgraded versions of the Breeding Cave will help you obtain the dragons that are hard to get, which includes Epic Dragons and Limited Edition Dragons.

You can combine most dragons. However, when you select a dragon on one side, you’ll notice that there are dragons that cannot be combined with the first one you selected. This is because these dragons have opposing elements. Below are the opposite elements of Dragonvale:

  • Earth element – Air element
  • Fire element – Cold Element
  • Plant Element – Metal Element
  • Lightning Element – Water Element

Although there are opposing elements, there are hybrids that carry opposing elements. If you combine hybrids, getting a dragon with opposite elements is possible. These are the opposite dragons in Dragonvale:

  • Blue Fire Dragon
  • Frostfire Dragon
  • Sandstorm Dragon
  • Dodo Dragon
  • Plasma Dragon
  • Current Dragon
  • Malachite Dragon
  • Ironwood Dragon

If there are particular dragons that you want to get, check out our Combinations for Dragonvale and Dragonvale Dragons Combination posts. The former focuses on the hybrid dragon combinations while the latter is about the epic dragon combinations.

Do you have friends who are new to Dragonvale? Tell them about this How to Make Dragons in Dragonvale post. This will give them the basic things they need to know in breeding.

Try the things that you have learned today. Afterwards, share the things that you have experienced in breeding dragons. Just put your comment under this How to Make Dragons in Dragonvale post. This site is regularly updated with the latest about our favorite simulation game. Stay tuned.


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    Ash + sandstorm got me 35 hrs….what could this be?

  2. Malliejune says:

    Sonic+iceberg=blue moon

  3. nainoa says:

    obsidian and a smoke gives a garnet

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